And So It Begins EWW-180 Build

So it begins, with the build of an Eclipson plane the first Eclipson plane that is.

I decided to go with the EWW-180 which is a winged UAV and I also chose the one with a prop because the propeller version would be a lot more efficient than an EDF version.

Eclipson EWW-180


Well, I was drawn to it after looking and looking for planes that were 3d printable, I came across Eclipsons EWW-180 and was instantly drawn.

I loved the shape, the fact that it was a winged plane, and the hardware required to fly wasnt going to cost a bomb.

For 3d printing it was advised to use a printer along the lines of a Ender 3 mainly for the build volume, and the fact that i have both a ender 5 plus and ender 3 it was a achievable project.


So, it’s designed to be printed in low-weight PLA and PLA, but this is just a guide line and others have prionted in PETG and ASA.

But for guidance, an LW-PLA model will weigh 500g and a full PLA version will weigh 650g

An a takeoofweight of between 850g and 1200g

The wing span is 1750mm and uses a NACA 2416 airfoil.

My Take On It!

I decided that to build this plane I wanted it to last, as a look I found that the parts take a long time to print, and I didnt want to be reprinting parts as replacements all the time.

So I opted for PETG as the filament of choice, and the reasoning for this is that the plane when not in use will be stored in my shed/workshop and come summer gets way too hot and anything printed in PLA well resembles some drippy mess after 1 day.

The downside to using PETG is a slightly heavier build weight but we can over come this, with a upgraded power plant but I will come to this when I get there.

Another possible route to making the plane stronger will be to laminate the assembled parts in carbon fibre tissue and use water based polyurethane to glue and strengthen the build.

I plan on blogging the build and what i find and over come on the way.

Whats to come next?

Well, the design comes with some cura settings that need to be set up first, these will need to be addressed and the first few models will require slicing.

Then hopefully I can get the ball rolling on printing and assembling.

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