Global Hawk UAV VTOL

UAV VTOL Project

Global hawk uav vtol

I decided not so long ago that I was going to build a vtol (Vertical takeoff or landing) plane, after some reasearch I was surprised at the lack of information over the net linking to this topic.

I was pasionate and dedicated in designing my own version of a VTOL, but not many people had attempted it, the information I was finding was aimed at moddifiy RC planes but this was not for me I wanted something special something that stood out from the rest.

After days and days of googling I came up with pretty much nothing, I was stressing, I found that the only avalible software was ardupilot and they had their wiki on q-planes this help.

But was still confused about how i should go about designing the actual body, a few days later I remember that many years ago I had designed a Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, this was purfect I loved the look of this UAV.

the design had to be reworked the wings firstly got removed from the plane in blender.

Progess of the RQ-4 UAV VTOL

This is going to be a slow project the aim is that I will post pictures and videos and any other source of information on my blog leaving progress links here on this page, Please sign up the the newsletter for updates when they drop.

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