EWW-180 Why, Do FOOLS Rush In?

What am I like, I mean I deem myself relatively smart, but to this day I still make rather silly mistakes, and well I made a truly epic one.

So What Did I Do!

The first one comes as an assumption, normally I would always buy sunlu filament, but for me, it’s tried and tested.

My printer is nicely dialled in and you can see this from a drone I printed a couple of weeks before, it was printed on my upgraded Ender 5 plus.

If you would like to print this drone please find it at drunk131.

My setting was good giving minimal stringing and finer detail printing.

But on a Friday night after indulging in beer and browsing Amazon, I ordered some random filament for the EWW-180 build I know random.

This filament was PETG too but was branded EONO probably the best name given to a filament because after 20 odd failed prints and walking in each time I do believe I said out loud EEEEE – OOOOOOO- NNNNOOOOO my prints fecked again.

It would just randomly just stop printing and grind a section of filament away.

I tried everything settings-wise, like changing retraction, lower print speed, recalibrating E-steps and increasing hot end temperature, but nothing worked.

So as you do there and then I decided 3D printing wasn’t for me and contemplated selling and folding. But I didn’t I progressed like a true engineer.

firstly, printing PETG on a printer that doesn’t have a full metal hot end isn’t great or advised.

I changed the hotend to a full metal Aliexpress one, it was very well built and cheap even tho it was a copy of a micro-swiss.

Still, the problem existed, but I was safe in the knowledge that my hotend was not vapourising the Capricorn PTFE tube.

It Just Gets Better.

Next attempt at resolving the problem.

Heat the filament in the hope that it was damp, so I have the sunlu filament heaters I set it to the highest temperature and cooked the filament for around 8 hours.

All I can say is this did nothing to resolve the issue.

I then decided just on a whim to put old faithful on sunlu PETG and without fail I got a full print with no defects.

All I could come up with is either a poor batch where the filament composition was wrong or the tolerances of the extruded polymer were extremely bad.

But I will note nether buy EONO filament.


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