I am a Omni of Design .


wat da feck concept

Future Concept Designs.

Using tried and tested design theories, I can bring future concept ideas once thought upon as to radical to life.

The Big Ideas For 3d Modelling.

I have some big ideas to bring to the 3d market, in the form of products and courses to help new to advanced designers develop greater skills.

Creative Solutions to Solve Problems.

I can also offer a one-to-one design forum, to come together to resolve problems using creative solutions to reach goals.


“this is how we roll”

Remote-controlled planes

WatDaFeck loves a RC plane,VTOL’s, these builds are cheap and easy ranging from 3d printed models to Foam builds.

Product Design

Find our latest designs in our shop.

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Remote-controlled racing drones

RC drones are great but even better when you are racing against friend my designs will give you the leading edge over others.

remote-controlled vtol

VTOL’s at the moment have to be the leading edge over all other setups, and the knowledge and build styles are advancing join us.


Building drones UAV’s and FPV requires a mixture of electronics in this section we deal with configuration setups and modifications.

ground station

No UAV or FPV setup would be complete without a custom ground station to support your flying experience.

Current Works

Projects We Have Done

Latest News


  • Reviving a Naza M TBS Discovery

    Reviving a Naza M TBS Discovery

    I am incredibly thrilled to share that I have made the decision to purchase the legendary TBS Discovery drone! TBS = Team Black Sheep! This drone may be considered “old school” by some, but let me tell you, it is still one of the best quadcopters out there even to this day. The TBS Discovery…

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  • Fpv goggles are fun

    Fpv goggles are fun

    Are you ready to take your drone piloting to the next level? Imagine soaring through the sky, feeling as if you’re right there in the cockpit of your drone. With FPV goggles, this thrilling experience becomes a reality. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of FPV goggles, exploring their features, benefits, and how…

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  • FPV Racing Classes: Specialized Vs. Unrestricted

    FPV Racing Classes: Specialized Vs. Unrestricted

    What is the difference between FPV Racing Classes. In this article, I will examine both the advantages and disadvantages of having strict specifications for FPV racing class. This type of standardization allows pilots to compete in a more organized way. What is the Nature of a Racing Category? In drone racing, FPV racing class is…

    Read more: FPV Racing Classes: Specialized Vs. Unrestricted

Have any projects in mind? I’m losted!!!

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